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BCC response to TPA petition

Submitted by Ben Pritchard on Sun, 06/04/2014 - 12:40pm
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After a lengthy period of consideration, TPA has received from Brisbane City Council a response to the petition seeking the introduction of a speed limit, and the provision of improved pedestrian crossing facilities on Macquarie Street/Vernon Terrace and Skyring Terrace. The attached letter from the Council sets out the proposed response, which is to undertake more research and analysis, as you can read.
TPA urges residents to take the opportunity to provide Council with your views during any public consultation exercise, and to contact TPA if you require any further information.
By way of background, you may also want to read the story in the City North News, published on 3 April, which reported the same issue. The story can be accessed on line via the following link :
Please contact TPA - directly, or via this web site - if you want any further information about this important topic, which will affect everyone who enjoys Teneriffe, as a resident, a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorist.

Ben Pritchard
tel 0433 228645



I have been asked by Tim Croxford, resident of Vernon Terrace to post the following comment in relation to the request for a reduced speed limit through Teneriffe. Tim says:
"Subject box: Request limit be 30 kph (not 40 kph)

That we request the speed limit on Maquarie St and Vernon Tce be changed to 30 kph (not 40 kph)

I very much appreciate the attempt by the TPA to have the speed limit reduced from 50 kph to 40 kph along Macquarie St and Vernon Tce, however, I ask that we the members of the TPA reconsider this and that we ask the BCC to lower the limit to 30 kph.

I am aware that the roads are part of a bus route, however the streets are of a similar width to Lamington St (and others nearby) where the limit is only 20 kph.

Macquarie and Vernon also have far more pedestrians crossing back and forth (than streets such as Lamington) to enter/leave residential buildings, cafes, bars and restaurants throughout the day and in the evenings.

I have lived on Vernon Tce since 1996 and I have seen Macquarie St and Vernon Tce change from being quiet to very busy, noisy and dangerous (particularly for pedestrians).

Given the rates we pay and the high property prices owners have paid we deserve and need quiet and safe streets.

If the situation we have continues I believe there is a high chance of serious accidents involving pedestrians. I believe research shows that statistically impacts of 30 kph and below between a car and a pedestrian produce a significantly higher rate of survival for pedestrians than 40 kph impacts.

The area has become less desirable and this will impact on property values in the long term.

For the above reasons I would like to see:
• the limit reduced to 30 kph, not 40 kph.
• several crossings put in along the two roads.
• as motorists often exceed the limit, going by the speed of the vehicles now (many over 50 kph), so 30 kph would be a sensible limit to put in, as a 40 kph limit is likely to have vehicles often travelling at about 45 kph (which is still highly dangerous).
• use of the Teneriffe Festival to get more support for the above request to the BCC.

Thank you for your time reading this.
Tim Croxford
A resident of Vernon Tce