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Submitted by TPA Editor on Wed, 24/08/2016 - 11:28am
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Meeting opened at 7.05pm

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                       

Ben Pritchard (President); Ken Hoy (Secretary); Michael Fritschi (Treasurer); Michael Hawke; Alex Chaudhuri;

APOLOGIES: John & Rae Peters; Brent & Fiona Hawkins; Barbara Graham; Evelyn Loh; Grace Grace, Cameron Perkins; Angie Strachan; Roger Armfield; Kerrie Colings-Silvey; Jill Butler; Lex McQueen; Jim & Barbara Graham


23 residents, members and committee members were present.


Correspondence & Media

  • A reply was received from MP Stirling Hinchcliffe stating unequivocally that Queensland Government policy was that no pets (animals) would be permitted on public transport.  The TPA will continue to fight this decision, as the concept of allowing pets on the Cross River Ferries remains desirable in connecting the communities on both sides of the river.  It should be noted that Queensland is out of step with certain other states and that a precedent already exists here with pets permitted on the bay island ferries.
  • The Park Run organisers have advised that the next Park Run (New Farm Park) will be held on Saturday 17 September commencing at 7.00 am.


Teneriffe Festival Feedback

  • The President attended the recent feedback meeting and reported that the Festival had received a mostly positive response with the most complaints centered around the ‘bump in and bump out activities.

Mactaggarts Place Fence

  • The petition, which garnered some 1200 signatures is with Council.
  • The TPA has received a letter from the Lord Mayor essentially saying that ‘nothing can be done’ by the BCC as they see the land as being owned by Mactaggarts and as such they can do as they like with it.
  • Ms Judi Jabour (PA to MP Grace Grace) undertook to look into what the State Government could do to reinstate the access to the river cut off by the fence.  From the floor the question was asked as to whether the Strata Title laws in Queensland could be amended to mirror (or improve upon) those of NSW as this would go a long way to resolving issues such as this.
  • The president reported that moves were afoot to obtain the numbers to enable an EGM to be called to reverse the fence decision.  He urged TPA members who may know Mactaggarts owners to speak with them to advise them of the anti sentiment within the community.

Former Engine Room Update

  • Cr Vicki Howard was invited to speak.  She confirmed that funding had been found to convert the Engine Room as per the approved DA.  (It should be remembered that the approval remains in place for a 60-seat restaurant.)  A press conference with Cr Howard and Lord Mayor Quirk was held at the Engine Room to announce the decision to approve its use as a café operated by a not-for-profit organization yet to be identified.  The TPA has, since the announcement of the original DA, worked against the commercial use of the building rather that it be used for community purposes.  It would appear that this is now the case, in which case the decision is to be applauded.

Proposed Developments

  • Riverside Marine:  The TPA continues to make representations to BCC and has asked that it be invited to contribute further to the consideration of the development application.
  • Building Heights:  The BCC was challenged from the floor regarding the ‘loose’ interpretation of building height guidelines laid down in the City Plan.  Cr Howard defended the Council and its interpretation of the Sustainable Planning Act. It was reluctantly noted that the issue extends well beyond Teneriffe and needs a broader consideration by State Parliament and the community.


  • There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.05pm

Next Meeting:  Wednesday 21 September 2016.  7pm Railwayman’s Shed, 29 Macquarie St, Teneriffe.

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Apologies to Park Run. The minutes of the meeting of TPA should have confirmed that Park Run is celebrating its Fifth Anniversary in New Farm on September 17, when everyone is welcome to join in. And in the meantime, Park Run takes place every Saturday at 7:00 am in New Farm Park. All TPA members - like all Brisbane residents - are welcome to join the run each and every weekend.