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2014 Activities

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Ben Pritchard
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2014 Activities

I want to canvas opinion about the direction the TPA could and should take for the rest of 2013.
As the Chairman, I would like to see the TPA establish itself as a recognisable and credible forum for discussion of local issues, and a first choice for anyone seeking community input into any projects or proposals affecting Teneriffe.
I would also like to see the TPA lead the community in advocating for particular outcomes that will enrich our suburb and benefit residents. My initial suggestions are:
* A community event - possibly a themed street 'fair' or a picnic - to meet our neighbours and enjoy Teneriffe. I don't see this competing with the Teneriffe Festival, which will be every bit as successful as last year, I am sure. This will be a more localised event.
* The development of a program of street improvements. This will involve BCC and establish a rolling program of street works, particularly around the heritage woolstores, where the streets will not get upgraded as part of any adjoining new development.
*A program of traffic management initiatives that anticipate changes (increases) in traffic volumes on the streets as a result of development - at Newstead River Park and Commercial Road, in particular - and ameliorate the impacts of those increases.
I am sure many residents have additional topics, issues and ideas that could be chamioned by TPA, so please, let us know what else TPA can, and should do.
Respond on this forum, or at the TPA meetings, or send me an email at

Red Robin (not verified)
Traffic issues

Not sure that closing Florence Street will resolve the traffic issues in Macquarie Street and Vernon Terrace.  The main issue is the volume of traffic flowing through Macquarie Street and Vernon Terrace, due to the opening of Skyring Tce and Airport Link.  There is much talk about the impact on businesses but none on the residents of Macquarie St and Vernon Tce.  Last time I looked, the area is predominately residential, ie these 'are people's "homes".
I think one solution is spreading the pain across other streets in the area.
The volume of traffic  is eroding the community by physically cutting it in half, and I don't believe that holding a festival at this time will foster a sense a community until this matter is resolved.
Agree that a program of road works is a good idea.
Do not want to sound negative and unhelpful so thank you for taking on the role of Chairman of the Teneriffe Progress Association.  I am not convinced that  Cr Howard or Cr McLachlan are interested in advocating on behalf on the area.

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