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Brisbane Residents United Rally - Sunday Nov 15

Submitted by TPA Editor on Sat, 31/10/2015 - 2:25pm

Dear Members,

The following is notice of a planned rally by the BRU to confront the issues of unchecked redevelopment in Brisbane city.  All are encouraged to attend as the issues affect Teneriffe as well as many other suburbs and localities.


Brisbane Residents United’s KNOW MORE campaign:

•           KNOW MORE about planning in your city and how to get more involved.

•           Governments should KNOW MORE about what people want and need.

•           Tell them ‘NO MORE ignoring our voices, these are our places & spaces’.


Brisbane Residents United is bringing community groups together on Sunday 15 November to send a clear message to state and local governments that people count when it comes to planning for their communities.

“This Sunday starting 10am at Reddacliff Place in the Brisbane CBD, we will be walking as one to highlight just how dissatisfied people are with planning and development decisions” said Elizabeth Handley, founding President of Brisbane Residents United.

“City and Neighbourhood Plans are supposed to offer some degree of certainty, but as with the decision with the proposed towers at the ABC site at Toowong, people are left scratching their heads and wondering how on earth something could have been approved”.  This is a pattern being repeated all over the Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

There has been growing concern across Brisbane and other Queensland cities about over development, with inappropriate heights and densities being approved without supporting infrastructure, green space or public transport options.

Brisbane Residents United is calling on a planning system for today and the future that is built on fairness, equity and sustainability. 

“We want to make it very clear that we are not anti development – we are calling for quality development in the right places and protection for the things that matter, from open spaces and bushland to our suburbs and much-loved historic houses and places.” Ms Handley said.

“The draft bill is currently under consideration by the State government, making this is an opportune time to let our state MPs know that the planning matters for the people.  We want planning for better outcomes for the people” said Ms Handley. 

This event will help show both levels of government that we expect a greater say in what happens to our city and suburbs. It will also show them that we want to protect our unique parks, heritage and lifestyle. We have been shut out of the decision-making process for too long and it’s time we were brought back in. This is all about people standing up for better city planning. 

The event will finish with some short speeches and family entertainment at the City Botanic Gardens. Families, friends, pets and picnic blankets are welcome.

Yours in collaboration,
The BRU Steering Group
Contact 0448848016

People are encouraged to find out more at and a Facebook event has been created at