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Clean Up Teneriffe this Sunday

Submitted by TPA Editor on Thu, 03/03/2016 - 5:37pm


Come gather bright and early

For Clean Up Australia Day.

We’ll scour the streets

Of Teneriffe,

To keep that rubbish at bay.


The meeting place, “The Shed”

Across from Hastings Street,

Come sign your name

And grab a bag

And Teneriffe you’ll tread.


We’ll bring back bags

Of detritus,

Of disposed, and disused.

The number of bags that we’ll fill up,

I’m sure we’ll be amused.


And after that

Upon return,

Come grab a snag or two.

And gaze upon the wonder

Of Teneriffe anew.

730 sharp arrival for maps/bags/registration and set off at 8.