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Letter from Cr Howard

Submitted by TPA Editor on Wed, 16/09/2015 - 6:35pm

Dear Teneriffe Resident

I wanted to let you know that the Planning and Environment Court has given approval for the re-purposing of the disused former Engine Room on Macquarie Street Teneriffe. The existing brick building is in need of repair, and it would be best used as a café style facility for the benefit of everyone to experience this lovely heritage building.

Council has a long and proud history in re-purposing old buildings into facilities that can be enjoyed by everybody – three good examples in the area include The End of the Road Café and The Powerhouse in New Farm and the Gardens Café in the Botanic Gardens in the City.  These are examples of what can be done to make unused and run down structures accessible for everyone in our community.

That is why Council is commencing a Registration of Interest process (ROI) to determine what types of proposals people may put forward for the use of this building. 

The ROI process seeks feedback from businesses and community organisations as to what interest or proposal they may have for the site. I have asked for this initial extra step, as it will allow more opportunity for unique proposals (such as community partnerships with businesses and social enterprises) to be considered when compared to a standard competitive tender.

This process will run from 1 October this year and we will allow plenty of time for potential applicants to put their proposals to Council.

I want to create opportunities for more employment in Central Ward so, should you know of any local community organisation, or fantastic local small business operator who might be interested in this opportunity, please let me know so I can connect them with our independent council officers who will be assessing the proposals.

The next step would be for Council to proceed to a formal Request for Proposal which is part of the standard process for these types of buildings.

I have already started discussions with organisations such as Footprints and the Submariners Association to see if they might like to be involved somehow in this operation.

If you need any further information about the re-purposing of the Engine Room please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Yours sincerely

Cr Vicki Howard | Councillor for Central Ward