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Mactaggarts ePetition to remove fence

Submitted by TPA Editor on Mon, 04/07/2016 - 5:06pm

Mactaggarts unwanted fence

I would like to let you know that an ePetition regarding the Mactaggarts Fence is uploaded on BCC website and available for anyone to join/sign/support. Please pass this on to anyone who didn't get a chance to sign the paper petition at the Festival on Saturday. It will be available until Monday, when I shall submit the paper petition to Council also.

Thank you in anticipation of a good strong showing of local opinion and you only need to sign one option of paper or online. There are paper copies of the petition in some Teneriffe businesses.

The link to the BCC webpage is as follows,

If you have trouble getting onto this please email me at

Happy signing

Ben Pritchard