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Meeting this Wednesday

Submitted by TPA Editor on Mon, 16/05/2016 - 5:00pm

Teneriffe Progress Association Inc

Meeting Agenda – 18th May 2016; 7:00pm

TPA Shed; Macquarie Street, Teneriffe

1.         Welcome and apologies

2.         Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

3.         Correspondence & Media

a)         The Fence at MacTaggarts (Ben)

4.         2016 TPA Priority Activities:

a)         Former Engine Room – update (Ben)

b)         Pets on Cross River Ferry – update (Alex)

c)         TPA Festival – call for action (ideas and volunteers to staff the TPA stand) (Ben)

d)         Urban Agriculture – update (Alex)

5.         Proposed Developments:

a)         Riverside Marine site – update (Ben)

b)         Brick Lane (Florence Street) – update (Ben)

6.         Movement Strategy:

a)         Intersection Upgrade – update (status of project; call for other associated works for this project promised by Councillor) (Michael)

7.         Other Business

8.         Next Meeting (venue and date)