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Minutes of the TPA Meeting 21 October 2015

Submitted by TPA Editor on Fri, 23/10/2015 - 1:46pm

Meeting opened at 7.05pm

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:                                           
Ken Hoy (Secretary); Roger Armfield (Treasurer); Ben Pritchard (President) from 7.15pm; Michael Hawke; Alex Chaudhuri; Cameron Perkins; Michael Fritschi

Evelyn Loh; David MacLachlan; Brent & Fiona Hawkins; Jill Butler & Murray Webb; Leesa Fritschi; Grace Grace; Vicki Howard; Bruce & Jan Hickey; Barbara Graham; Doug Ritchie; Kevin & Ros Matar.


27 residents, members and committee members were present. 

The Secretary, Ken Hoy opened the meeting due to the absence of the President who was representing the TPA at the State Government Community Consultation Event for the Planning Bill.



Due to the absence of Cr Howard from the meeting the report on the request for signage to stop personal training in the park adjacent to the Engine Room was deferred.  To date no sign has been erected.


While waiting for the President to arrive, the Secretary asked committee member Cameron Perkins, to address the meeting on the proposed ‘Urban Agriculture’ project.

Cameron explained to the group the proposal and its logistics and possible implementation.  The plan involves using urban spaces such as median strips and barren patches to plant herbs and flowers that can be picked and used by the community.  Discussion revolved around council approval and/or the requirement to inform council’s gardeners of the plantings.  A possible demonstration planting may be coordinated with the proposed “Community Consultation” day.  (See later in the Minutes)

The President arrived at 7:15pm.

Although not an Agenda Item, Ben then briefed the group on the meeting he had just come from. It was a Community Consultation meeting on the new Planning Bill being proposed by State Government. Ben advised that he will be making a submission on behalf of TPA, and that he also wants to suggest to Government that he/we (TPA) should be involved in reviewing revisions to the Bill, which we hope will provide the community with more certainty that its participation in planning matters will influence both the content of planning documents and the decision making that follows.
Ben asked that anyone with an interest in this matter indicate to him their willingness to share this role on behalf of TPA.
The meeting endorsed this action. After the meeting, John Peters indicated his preparedness to assist Ben.


a)    BCC update Former Engine Room: No further correspondence has been received.  However, Mr. Derek O’Donnell, the newly elected President of the Submariners Association was in attendance and was asked to speak to his organisation’s interest in the building.  He explained that the Association would like to use the building to house its memorabilia and has indicated this to council.  It remains to be seen what assistance, if any, is forthcoming in order to facilitate this.  While standing, he asked for feedback on last year’s Dawn Service and explained some of the history of the area’s association with the submarine service.  John Peters then spoke of his involvement with and encouragement of, Shaftesbury College who have expressed an interest in using the building as an art gallery and training centre for disadvantaged youth.
The TPA remains opposed to the commercial redevelopment of this community resource.

b)    Commercial Road Traffic Signals:  Michael Fritschi advised that the signals will be installed in two stages, the first to be completed by the end of the year which will result in operational signals.  The second involves relocation of some of the City Cycle bays.

c)    Pets on Ferries Proposal:  Alex Chaudhuri advised that some email servers reject the acknowledgement by BCC of the signing of the online petition.  This causes the reply to be sent straight to the signatory’s Junk Mail folder.  He suggested that persons signing the petition check their Junk folder as non-acknowledgement causes the signature to be rejected.  He will email all TPA members to this effect.

d)    PARKing Day:  Cameron described the recent PARKing Day in Robertson Street, Fortitude Valley.  Inspired by a San Francisco initiative, it involves the use of parking bays in city streets for other purposes.  These include street art, buskers, architectural displays, etc., and are meant to encourage interaction and involvement of citizens.  It was proposed that the TPA arrange a PARKing Day in Teneriffe.

TPA Positive Action Proposals

a)    RiverEdge Project:  The Executive has suggested that the TPA actively engage the BCC to encourage them to look at true “community interaction with the river”.  Currently there are no public access points in Teneriffe (or within a reasonable distance upstream or downstream) for citizens to launch their watercraft.  
The TPA considers a project to provide a suitable jetty, pier or pontoon a better use of public funds than commercial endeavours such as the restaurant in the Engine Room.  This proposal also aligns with the Movement Strategy, which includes as one of its key principles, the unique character of the area encompassing Work with Play.  Currently, the river contributes little to the ‘Play’ aspect with its restricted access.

b)    Urban Agriculture:  See previously.

Community Consultation Day 2015:  A date has been set for this as Saturday, 14 November, commencing at 4.00pm.  A BBQ will be set up in the vicinity of the Railwayman’s Shed and residents will be encouraged to put forward their ideas, complaints, suggestions relating to the Teneriffe locale.  As reported earlier in the Minutes, it is hoped to set up a demonstration area for the Urban Agriculture project.

Development Applications:  Ben briefed the meeting on the result of his attempt to have a representative from the Riverside Marine DA address a TPA Meeting regarding their proposal.  This was met with a clear negative response.

Minutes on Display:  As per the request from the floor of the previous meeting, the Minutes are now displayed in the ‘Shed’ window for public viewing.

The meeting was closed at 8.15.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday 18 November 2015.  7pm Railwayman’s Shed, 29 Macquarie St, Teneriffe.

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