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Minutes of TPA Meeting held on 16 Sep 2015

Submitted by TPA Editor on Mon, 21/09/2015 - 2:56pm

Meeting opened at 7.05pm
Ben Pritchard (President); Ken Hoy (Secretary); Michael Hawke; Alex Chaudhuri; Cameron Perkins.
Kevin & Ros Matar; Evelyn Loh; David MacLachlan; Brent Hawkins; Greg Condon; Roger Armfield (Treasurer); Jill Butler & Murray Webb; Michael & Leesa Fritschi; Grace Grace; Rhonda Wetton
20 residents, members and committee members were present.
a) BCC update: Immediately prior to the meeting correspondence was received from Cr Howard regarding a change in policy toward the commercial redevelopment of the Engine Room. Most attendees did not have the opportunity to peruse the communication, however Cr Howard spoke to the matter. She explained that council was now calling for ‘expressions of interest’ and ‘community input’ with regard to the re-use of the building. It was noted that this was not done prior to the original issuance of the DA to redevelop the site as a licensed restaurant. The email is copied here in its entirety as council forwarded it to the Teneriffe residents whose email addresses they had on file.
Letter from Cr Howard
Dear Teneriffe Resident
I wanted to let you know that the Planning and Environment Court has given approval for the repurposing of the disused former Engine Room on Macquarie Street Teneriffe. The existing brick building is in need of repair, and it would be best used as a café style facility for the benefit of everyone to experience this lovely heritage building.
Council has a long and proud history in re-purposing old buildings into facilities that can be enjoyed by everybody – three good examples in the area include The End of the Road Café and The Powerhouse in New Farm and the Gardens Café in the Botanic Gardens in the City. These are examples of what can be done to make unused and run down structures accessible for everyone in our community.
That is why Council is commencing a Registration of Interest process (ROI) to determine what types of proposals people may put forward for the use of this building.
The ROI process seeks feedback from businesses and community organisations as to what interest or proposal they may have for the site. I have asked for this initial extra step, as it will allow more opportunity for unique proposals (such as community partnerships with businesses and social enterprises) to be considered when compared to a standard competitive tender. This process will run from 1 October this year and we will allow plenty of time for potential applicants to put their proposals to Council.
I want to create opportunities for more employment in Central Ward so, should you know of any local community organisation, or fantastic local small business operator who might be interested in this opportunity, please let me know so I can connect them with our independent council officers who will be assessing the proposals.
The next step would be for Council to proceed to a formal Request for Proposal which is part of the standard process for these types of buildings. I have already started discussions with organisations such as Footprints and the Submariners Association to see if they might like to be involved somehow in this operation.
If you need any further information about the re-purposing of the Engine Room please don’t hesitate to contact me at
Yours sincerely
Cr Vicki Howard | Councillor for Central Ward
The TPA remains opposed to the commercial redevelopment of this community resource.
b) Pets on Ferries Proposal: The President advised that as a result of the media contacts carried out by Alex Chaudhuri, the committee’s representative in this matter, he had been contacted earlier in the week by 612 ABC and was interviewed on air regarding the TPA’s push to have pets permitted on the cross-river ferries. (The TPA supports using the mono-hull ferries for this purpose, leaving the CityCats as they are.) Following the interview the TPA received further positive feedback from those who had heard the broadcast. It was agreed that Alex Chaudhuri be nominated to represent TPA and to advocate for a trial period to be held during which time pets be allowed to accompany owners on the mono-hull ferry between Teneriffe and Bulimba.
Former Engine Room
BCC Update: See correspondence above.
Alternative Uses: John Peters spoke of various proposals that had been put to Council previously but had met with negative returns. With the apparent change in direction indicated by the email referenced above, he hoped that suggestions that he could put forward would be favourably received. He was meeting with Cr Howard on the 18th to discuss.
Riverside Marine:  Ben briefed the meeting on the DA currently being proposed by Riverside Marine and encouraged all concerned to consult the website. He has added a précis of the current situation below.  John Peters, as voluntary facilitator of “The Friends of Riverside Park” addressed the meeting to explain the integration of the Riverside Marine plans with the development occurring in Newstead.  Ben explains the DA below:
Development application for 17 Skyring Terrace, submitted by Riverside Coal Transport Company, on 2 September 2015. The application number is A004206778.
The proposal is described as a Material Change of Use to establish Multiple Dwellings; Food and Drink Outlet; Indoor Sport and Recreation uses; Office, and Shop.
The proposed building will be in two stages (two buildings above a basement car park for 263 vehicles, which can be built in two stages also).
The first building will contain 58 apartments; the second 105 apartments (163 in total). The apartment mix is proposed to be 72 single bedroom apartments; 69 two bedroom apartments; and 22 three bedroom apartments. The building is eight storeys tall. This is described as five storeys, with a three storey ‘pop-up’ on top.
The application suggests that the development will be retained in the ownership of Riverside Marine, which would rent/lease/let the apartments, and possibly sell some.  The application seeks a six year validity (compared to the normal four year period) during which time the development must begin construction, or else lapse.
The application requires referral to State Government Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning (due to its river edge position, I think?), and Energex as an Advice Agency on account of the site’s proximity to the substation and transmission lines.  The application relates only to that portion of the site southeast of the existing driveway into the site. An application for subdivision of the site to reflect the creation of this site boundary has also been submitted.
Both applications require only Code Assessment. This means neither application will be advertised/notified publicly and nobody (except the Referral Agencies) has the statutory ‘right’ to challenge – through the Court - the decision of Council on the development applications.  Council will consider any submissions (objections) made to it regarding the proposal, however, so it is worthwhile and important to express your views, in writing, to Council. Comments can be lodged via the Council website.
If anyone needs assistance in navigating the website or the procedures involved, get in touch with Ben Pritchard, via

Movement Strategy
Cameron Perkins, who now heads up the TPA’s Movement Strategy sub-committee, reported that the previous Top Ten geographical points or areas for action were now grouped within three topic headings and would be addressed as such.
1. Streets for the People
2. Teneriffe as an Urban (identifiable) Community
3. Its Unique Character encompassing Work with Play
A revised document will be prepared and presented to a future meeting for endorsement by the membership.
Florence Street
Ben reported that part of the Movement Strategy (see above) had been implemented in the street with the reduction in the speed limit to 40kph and it was hoped that further changes would be forthcoming.
TPA Website
The secretary advised that a number of members have been ‘locked out’ of the website. This results in a “403 Forbidden” error message which can only be corrected by the actions of the webmaster AND the service provider. It appears that for whatever reason the website objects to the members’ IP Address and locks them out.  The work-around for this is to employ a smartphone to provide a Personal Hotspot and to use the 4G or 3G network to access the website. When employing this method use Bluetooth or a USB to connect between phone and computer thus bypassing the WiFi IP Address.
Cameron Perkins invited members and friends to attend their Friday night International PARKing Day function in Robertson Street, Fortitude Valley this coming Friday (18th) night from 4.00pm onwards.
Ben advised that as part of Brisbane Open House there will be pre-booked, but free, guided tours of Winchcombe Carson Woolstore and the Bonded Warehouse at 30 Florence Street at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 on 10th of October. Members who want to come along need to book places on the Brisbane Open House webpage.
Ken Hoy directed a request to Cr Howard to have signage provided for the Engine Room Park similar to that outside the “Railwayman’s Shed” which states that Personal Training is not permitted in those parks and areas.
Jim Graham suggested that the TPA Minutes be displayed in a suitable location in the Shed for passers-by to get an idea of the workings and purpose of the Association.
The President invited members to consider what name might be given to the Railwayman’s Shed, to acknowledge the history of the building, the suburb, or a notable local person.
The meeting was closed at 8.10.
Next Meeting:
Wednesday 21 October 2015. 7pm Railwayman’s Shed, 29 Macquarie St, Teneriffe.
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