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Submitted by TPA Editor on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 10:32am

Riverside Marine, 17 Skyring Terrace, Teneriffe
Proposed mixed use development of the last riverfront site in Teneriffe.
A public meeting was held last Saturday, 7 November, to discuss the current development application for the development of part of the Riverside Marine site at Skyring Terrace in Teneriffe. The site owner, Riverside Marine, has applied to Brisbane City Council to develop 1.07 hectares of the 1.7 hectare site in two stages, each comprising a substantial building, and each containing a number (58 in Stage 1; 105 in Stage 2) of residential type uses, positioned above shops, restaurants and bars. Both proposed buildings have basement car parks.
Stage 1 of the proposal relates to that part of the site closest to the river.
The proposal is to retain the sand importing operation in its present location.
The application does not include, nor propose any works to the site of the Energex substation or the adjoining electricity transmission pylon 
The main discussion points were:
•    The height and bulk of the proposed building relative to the adjacent woolstores and their impact upon the character of Teneriffe. The proposed building’s height (8 storeys) and bulk (80 metres long) do not meet the provisions of City Plan.
•    The provision of an extension to RiverWalk through the site. The proposal includes only a partial extension of RiverWalk, and the proposal does not meet Council standards.
•    Access into and through the site, particularly for pedestrians.
•    The lack of certainty about what would be developed on the site. The application refers to a wide range of possible uses, including business, hotel and fast food restaurants.
•    The open-ended nature and timing of the proposed development. The application seeks a six year currency period (rather than the normal four year period) during which time Phase 1 of the development must commence, and a completely open-ended approval period for the subsequent Stage 2 building.
•    The lack of certainty about the future of the Energex substation and adjacent electricity pylon.
The meeting was organised and hosted by Amber Hawkins, Labor candidate for Central Ward, and Rod Harding, Labor Candidate for Lord Mayor.
Ben Pritchard, President of Teneriffe Progress Association, attended as an invitee to contribute to the Information Session.
The proposed development will be discussed at the meeting of Teneriffe Progress Association on Wednesday 18 November 2015.