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Riverside Marine: New Development Application lodged, September 2015

Submitted by Ben Pritchard on Mon, 28/09/2015 - 8:24pm

News Item: September 2015: Have your say on the latest Development application for 17 Skyring Terrace, Riverside Marine.

As many of you will be aware, Riverside Marine has submitted a new, revised development application in relation to its site at 17 Skyring Terrace, Teneriffe.

Development applications are available for inspection via the Brisbane City Council website  Follow the links to Planning and Building, and the PD on line page. You will need to Agree to certain page links to find the application, which can be identified by street address, 17 Skyring Terrace, Teneriffe, or the application number, A004206778.

The development application has been submitted by Riverside Coal Transport Company, on 2 September 2015. It comprises a series of reports and drawings that should explain the development and its anticipated impacts on matters such as road traffic, views, pedestrian access along the river, etc.

The proposal is described as a Material Change of Use to establish Multiple Dwellings; Food and Drink Outlet; Indoor Sport and Recreation uses; Office, and Shop.

The development application includes architectural drawings – and an artist’s impression – of the proposed building. The drawings can be inspected as part of the development application on the Council website. I will seek permission of the applicant to reproduce them on the TPA website, and will hope to bring them to the next meeting of TPA on Wednesday 21 October, 7:00pm at 29 Macquarie Street.

The proposed building will be in two stages (two buildings above a basement car park for 263 vehicles, which can be built in two stages also).
The first building will contain 58 apartments; the second 105 apartments (163 in total). The apartment mix is proposed to be 72 single bedroom apartments; 69 two bedroom apartments; and 22 three bedroom apartments. The building is eight storeys tall. This is described as five storeys, with a three storey ‘pop-up’ on top.
The application suggests that the development will be retained in the ownership of Riverside Marine, which would rent/lease/let the apartments, and possibly sell some. 
The application seeks a six year validity (compared to the normal four year period) during which time the development must begin construction, or else lapse.

The application requires referral to State Government Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning (due to its river edge position, I think?), and Energex as an Advice Agency on account of the site’s proximity to the substation and transmission lines.  The application relates only to that portion of the site southeast of the existing driveway into the site. An application for subdivision of the site to reflect the creation of this site boundary has also been submitted.
Both applications require only Code Assessment. This means neither application will be advertised/notified publicly and nobody (except the Referral Agencies) has the statutory ‘right’ to challenge – through the Court - the decision of Council on the development applications.  Council will consider any submissions (objections) made to it regarding the proposal, however, so it is worthwhile and important to express your views, in writing, to Council. Comments can be lodged via the Council website.

Be aware that all submissions made will be available for inspection on the PD on line website. You can ask Council to keep private your identity as a submitter.

Residents of W4 Woolstore have made a submission to Council, which you have probably seen, and a copy of that submission should now be available on the PD on line Council website.

If anyone needs assistance in navigating the website or the procedures involved, get in touch with Ben Pritchard, via

See you at the TPA meeting on Wednesday 21 October.