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September 2016 Meeting Agenda and 2016 AGM Agenda

Submitted by TPA Editor on Wed, 14/09/2016 - 12:27pm

September 2016 Meeting Agenda and 2016 AGM Agenda

Meeting on Wednesday 21 September 2016 commencing at 7:00pm, at the Shed, 29 Macquarie Street (opposite Hastings Street), Teneriffe

Item 1.  Welcome and apologies for absences

Item 2. 2016 AGM

Item 2a. Minutes of previous AGM

Item 2b. Election of Officers of TPA for 2016/17


                President: Ben Pritchard
                Vice-President: Cameron Perkins
                Secretary: Ken Hoy
                Treasurer: Michael Fritschi

Management Committee: The above, plus Roger Armfield, Cameron Perkins, Alex Chaudhuri, Michael Hawke

Item 2c. Financial report

Item 2d. Any other business

Item 3.  Minutes of the August 2016 meeting, and Matters Arising

Item 4.  Correspondence and Media

Item 5.  Communications Plan

Item 6. Calendar of Events

Item 7. Verge planting: Greening Teneriffe

Item 8. Mactaggarts Place Fence:
               Petition update
               Media and correspondence
               Legal action
               Further actions

Item 9.   Former Engine Room: Update

Item 10.   Proposed Developments

Item 11.  Any other business

Item 12.  Next Meeting.