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Submitted by TPA Editor on Sun, 01/05/2016 - 11:21am

I write to you today very concerned with the proposal by the body corporate of Mactaggarts Place to fence off open parkland and the public access to the river and its boardwalk.

As the president of the Teneriffe Progress Association (TPA), I am aware that a motion is to be presented to the AGM of Mactaggarts Place body corporate that proposes to fence off and landscape an area referred to as the “northern lands” at Mactaggarts Place woolstore in order to provide a pergola and further BBQ area for its residents.

Without knowing all of the details, I am concerned that any part of the open space along the river in the vicinity of Mactaggarts Place could be fenced and privatised, potentially restricting the public access between Vernon Terrace and the river.

The availability of public access to and from the riverwalk has been a key principle of the Urban Renewal program and is one of the most cherished and widely admired features of Teneriffe.

It would be unthinkable to accept any proposal that took away even a small area of land on which the general public is able to enjoy the river.

Such a restriction would be totally contrary to the objectives of the movement strategy prepared by the TPA and wholeheartedly endorsed by the community.

TPA actively advocates for increased and enhanced public access to the river.

I will be keenly looking for a strong reaction from the Brisbane City Council as it has spent a large amount of time and money developing and implementing their River’s Edge Strategy only to see an attempt to take this prime river’s edge space from the public.

As a resident of Vernon Terrace for the past 10 years this space has been a used for family picnics, weddings most weekends and the Teneriffe Festival while the woolpress machine and Gloria are great tourist attractions.

In the floods of 2011 the park area was crowded with locals day and night as they watched and waited for the river to rise.

These are some of the experiences we need to cherish and protect for the future of our unique residential village, Teneriffe.

Ben Pritchard
Teneriffe Progress Association