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TPA JUNE MEETING/ Minutes of May Meeting

Submitted by TPA Editor on Wed, 11/06/2014 - 10:08am

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Please note that the TPA meeting are to be held on the third Wedensday of the month from July.
This is to allow more frequent attendance from BCC.
However, the JUNE meeting will be held at 24 Macquarie St on WEDNESDAY 11 June to enable Rugby League tragics to get their second fix for 2014 !

Roger Armfield
Teneriffe Progress Association
Meeting on Wednesday 11 June 2014
1.            Welcome and apologies for absences
2.            Minutes of previous meeting May 2014 and Matters arising
3.            Correspondence
4.            Former Railwayman’s shed, 1 Macquarie Street: opportunities for use
5.            The Historic Engine Room, 71 Macquarie Street
a.            Update on process
6.            Teneriffe Festival 2014 update on TPA presence
a.            TPA tent
b.            Access Arts
c.             Display – content and technology
d.            Staffing roster
e.            Raffle
7.            Petition
8.            TPA event: ideas and options
a.            Teneriffe Park
b.            Scout Hut
c.             Teneriffe Ideas Event
9.            AOB
10.          Next Meeting: Venue and date
11.          Close