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Submitted by TPA Editor on Wed, 27/07/2016 - 9:49am


Meeting opened at 7.05pm

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                       

Ben Pritchard (President); Ken Hoy (Secretary); Michael Fritschi (Treasurer); Michael Hawke; Alex Chaudhuri; Cameron Perkins; Roger Armfield

APOLOGIES: John & Rae Peters; Brent & Fiona Hawkins; Barbara Graham; Vicki Howard; Bruce & Jan Hickey; Evelyn Loh; Grace Grace


25 residents, members and committee members were present.


Correspondence & Media

  • Thank you email from Footprints with their non-compliant tender for use of the Engine Room attached.  (See the website for the document which the TPA supports.)
  • President to write to Trevor Evans, newly-elected MP and extend to him an invitation to attend TPA meetings.
  • President tabled a reply from the Minister for Transport, rejecting allowing pets on ferries. TPA to consider replying.
  • At the Festival, a whiteboard suggestion was to seek an increase in the free parking in Teneriffe from 15 to 60 minutes. President wrote to BCC asking for this to be considered. A swift reply suggested that this is now being considered by Council.


Teneriffe Festival

  • The TPA stall was once again a success with an increase in membership resulting from it.
  • Issues concerning the residents of Teneriffe were once again covered by the whiteboard.  These included traffic concerns, parking, disability access, building height limits (or lack thereof), commercial rather than community use of the Engine Room, a boat ramp for ease of access to the river, and pets on the cross-river ferries.  Public engagement all day was dominated by the Mactaggarts Fence, which was erected only days before the festival.

Mactaggarts Place Proposed Fence

  • Petition Update: As of Wednesday night 1,150 people had signed the petition requesting the removal of the fence.
  • Media & Correspondence:  Ms Howard has replied to the president’s entreaty for BCC action in the negative.  Channel 9 interviewed Michael Fritschi on air who explained what the TPA was trying to do to get the fence removed and why it was against all the principles of people access to the river, which it had done from day one of the Mactaggarts re-development.  Also the Village News continued to express views against the fence.
  • Legal Action:  The president advised that some members of the Body Corporate had iniated action with the ombudsman for a ruling on the legality of the motion, which incidentally indicates that the fence was approved to be erected on the northern boundary but is in fact on the eastern side.  The committee has already approved a $500 donation to assist with this action.
  • Fundraising:  It was suggested that those people who signed the petition (and others) be encouraged to donate to a fighting fund should legal action have to be taken.
  • Further Action:  The TPA website and Facebook page will feature all correspondence and suggested action in order to keep the matter before the public.  Roger Armfield suggested a sausage sizzle at the fence to attract more attention to it.  This was decided upon and will take place Sunday 7 August.  (See below)

Engine Room

  • The secretary reminded the meeting of Ms Howard’s statement that any other options for the Engine Room would be considered, not just the restaurant which is opposed by residents, ratepayers and the TPA alike.  The TPA has suggested in simple terms, a deconstruction of the building opening up the area under the roofline for shaded seating, whilst retaining the ‘substance’ of the building.  Also, the community organisation Footprints has submitted a ”non-compliant” tender to occupy the building.  The TPA and residents also support this proposal.  He asked the president to write to Cr Howard expressing these views.  The secretary reminded the meeting that, whereas the Fence was the dominant issue at this meeting, the commercial use of the Engine Room would also encroach on access to the river further reducing the community’s amenity.  President to sign a letter from TPA.

Proposed Developments

  • Riverside Marine’s DA continued to invoke comment.  The president advised that the TPA would continue to monitor and comment upon, the proposal.


  • Your attendance is requested for a sausage sizzle BBQ adjacent to ‘Gloria’, 7th August, commencing at 11a.m.

The meeting was closed at 8.15pm.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday 17 August 2016.  7pm Railwayman’s Shed, 29 Macquarie St, Teneriffe.

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