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URGENT letter to Lord Mayor Cr Quirk

Submitted by TPA Editor on Thu, 30/06/2016 - 5:53pm


30 June 2016

Mr Graham Quirk
Lord Mayor
Brisbane City Council

Lord Mayor,

Mactaggarts Place, Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe

On behalf of the community of Teneriffe, and on the eve of the seventh Teneriffe Festival, I implore you to intervene as a matter of priority and to resolve the issue of the Mactaggarts Place fence.

You will by now, no doubt, be aware that Mactaggarts Place body corporate has today installed a series of fences that completely block the pedestrian access between Vernon Terrace and Riverwalk.

The Fence has been installed more than 20 years after the walkway was created as part of the much-lauded conversion of Mactaggarts Woolstore into one of the early Urban Renewal projects in Teneriffe.

Mactaggarts is a Heritage Place. Its conversion was designed with a good deal of care and attention in order to breathe new life into the precinct while protecting and conserving its heritage value. The loss of heritage as a result of demolishing several of the Mactaggarts Place buildings was balanced by the creation of a new pedestrian walkway that opened up access to the new Riverwalk. This was an important objective of the Urban Renewal Program that is continued today through your own administration’s River’s Edge Strategy.

The spirit and clear intent of Brisbane’s Urban Renewal strategy has never been in any doubt. It has been a constant commitment of every administration for the last 25 years. Its objectives and principles are now internationally recognised and accepted as best practice by us all; or almost all. The Mactaggarts Place Fence runs counter to the most basic and fundamental principles that have underpinned the Urban Renewal of Brisbane.

In summary, it is my opinion that the fence:

  • Is not consistent with the Development Approval granted in 1994 for the conversion of Mactaggarts Place;
  • Is development that requires a Development Approval and a Heritage Place approval;
  • Is inconsistent with the development of Mactaggarts Place that was supported by grant aid from the Building Better Cities Program;
  • Is inconsistent with the adopted strategies, plans and policies of the Urban Renewal Task Force, as was;
  • Is contrary to the intent, principles and philosophy of the River’s Edge Strategy;
  • Has a detrimental impact upon the heritage place that is Mactaggarts Woolstore;
  • Blocks off an important pedestrian access to the river;
  • Flies in the face of every principle of the Urban Renewal of the Teneriffe Waterfront;
  • Is wholly inconsistent with Brisbane’s aim to be a New World City;
  • Will likely lead to a breakdown in the safe pedestrian circulation at the Teneriffe Festival on 2 July;

For all, or any, of these reasons I urge you to intervene.

Yours respectfully,

Ben Pritchard
Teneriffe Progress Association