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Welcome to Teneriffe Progress Association

Submitted by David Hinchliffe on Mon, 19/12/2011 - 12:36pm

Hi Roger
I want to say how very pleased I am that Teneriffe now has its own Progress Association. This is part of a natural process of growth and development as a community and it comes at a very critical time in the area's evolution. A couple of years ago, Teneriffe as a suburb did not even exist. Just over 3 years ago we met to discuss a project to have this area of what was then Newstead returned to its original suburb title of Teneriffe little did we think that that idea would evolve into the Teneriffe Festival or that that festival would have the impact that it has. Now, in the face of development proposals which have followed from this Council's revision of the local Neighbourhood Plan, there are many serious challenges which the community of Teneriffe faces to retain its identity.

For Teneriffe to face those challenges it needs to function as a strong,
cohesive and vibrant community.
I have said for a long time since the early days of Urban Renewal that
Teneriffe was a very special place. The concentration of woolstores is
unique in the world. That gives Teneriffe its principal point of difference
and essential architectural character. Now it is grafting on to that base
a wonderful new community that combines people of all ages along with local businesses that contribute toward a solid, exciting community. A sense of community has emerged and any suburb worth its salt needs that.
Your Progress Association will contribute further to that sense of
While I am retiring from active politics and community affairs, I will
always have great affection for and connection with Teneriffe. I was very disappointed 11 years ago when the Electoral Commissioners in their wisdom bisected it and took most of those wonderful woolstores and the community of residents who live in them out of the ward of Central. However, I've always cast a paternal eye over the area and I'm sure I will continue to do that in a private capacity.
I wish you all the best for the future.
Cr David Hinchliffe
Councillor for the Central Ward which covers half of the suburb of