July Meeting

Submitted by TPA Editor on Tue, 15/07/2014 - 7:46pm


The July Meeting to be held at 24 Macquarie St Teneriffe tomorrow evening at 7.00 PM
Please try to attend we need all your support.
 Meeting Agenda, May 2014

  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Matters arising from last meeting, and confirmation of minutes
  3. Teneriffe Festival

                a. Financial report
                b. Access Art
                c. Raffle


TPA JUNE MEETING/ Minutes of May Meeting

Submitted by TPA Editor on Wed, 11/06/2014 - 10:08am

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Please note that the TPA meeting are to be held on the third Wedensday of the month from July.
This is to allow more frequent attendance from BCC.
However, the JUNE meeting will be held at 24 Macquarie St on WEDNESDAY 11 June to enable Rugby League tragics to get their second fix for 2014 !


TPA Meeting 20th May 2014

Submitted by TPA Editor on Sun, 18/05/2014 - 1:10pm

Dear members,
Please be aware of our meeting at 24 Macquarie St on Tuesday 2o May at 7.00 PM.
Attached for your perusal are the minutes of the last meeting, the Agenda for this meeting. Your attendance will be welcome.
Teneriffe Progress Association Meeting of Tuesday 20 May 2014


Please do not lower the speed limit on Macquarie St

Submitted by TPA Editor on Sun, 18/05/2014 - 12:59pm

I strongly object to lowering the speed limit on Macquarie St
50 km/h is perfectly reasonable and having owned and lived in one of the Catalina houses for years have never felt unsafe crossing the road.
There are better things for the TPA to do than slow down and inconvenience residents.
 Dr Mark Donaldson

TPA Engine Room Objection

Submitted by TPA Editor on Fri, 09/05/2014 - 8:49pm

Dear Fellow TPA Members and Friends
The TPA has lodged an objection (see attached) to this development application and I, along with the committee, offer this as assistance for you to also object if this is your decision.
Below is part of our submission for you to use but it is important that the objection comes as your views, as this carries more weight, so please use this as a guide and add in any other points that you feel is important to the reasons for your objection.



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